These requirements apply to artist / street vendors – please read carefully.  Each vendor must pass inspection before their booth can open for business Friday morning – no exceptions.

Tents are generally larger structures with side walls and erected with frames and treated cloth type membranes.

Canopies are generally 10′ x 10′ pop up structures with 4 corner posts that have removable sides and the membranes are generally a treated or synthetic material. They can be purchased at locations like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Costco, Swains, or Co-op.

  • Tent/canopies shall meet the City of Sequim attachment ATENT REQUIREMENTS”.
  • Vending stands for cooking food that produce grease or steam laden vapors or use oils for cooking shall meet the City of Sequim attachment B “COOKING TENT REQUIREMENTS”. In addition, portable vending buildings on wheels, or on wheeled trailers, and producing grease laden vapors shall meet the City of Sequim attachment C “MOBILE COOKING VEHICLE REQUIREMENTS”.
  • Provide fire extinguishers of a minimum “2A-10BC” rating (this is generally a 5 pound extinguisher) distributed in a manner that a maximum travel distance of 75 feet to a fire extinguisher in the vending areas can be achieved. Extinguishers shall be mounted on a red 4 x 4 stand-alone post.  The stand shall be four (4) feet tall and placed in a visible and accessible location with signage attached pursuant to Fire Codes.
  • Combustible vegetation shall be removed to an area of 30′ from structures
  • Do not block access to fire hydrants in areas of the event.
  • Provide the Fire Department with a current map that clearly shows access, plot plan and all the booth numbers, locations and vendor names with each booth. This shall be provided no later than July 12, 2017.
  • Provide each booth with their number to be attached to the front of the canopy, above the opening. Numbers to be a minimum 4 inches tall (or as approved by the District) in size.
  • Provide the Fire Department with two (2) cell phone numbers for emergency contact of festival officials for assistance during an emergency call. We will use these numbers for our responders to make contact with festival officials for assistance in locating and accessing needed services.  Festival officials can then assist emergency responders in providing access to the location.
  • Maintain clear access throughout vendor areas. A minimum of a 20 foot wide emergency access lane shall be provided for emergency response inside the area closed to traffic.  Closing the access with barricades that can be removed to access the lane is permissible.
  • No Parking” signs, or cones, shall be used to cordon off all fire lanes to ensure no parking within these lanes. In lieu of cones or “No Parking” signs, a parking lot attendant(s) shall be required to keep fire lanes clear.