Answers to some of your Questions regarding the Festival and the COVID-19 Virus

The Sequim Lavender Growers Association hopes that you and your family are safe and healthy!!    These are some pretty tough and crazy times right now – we all have our fingers crossed that this will end sooner than later.

We are getting lots of questions from Artists, Musicians and Guests… all wanting to know how the pandemic is going to effect the festival in July. 

Here is what we know now:


  • The Sequim Lavender Festival Management and staff will comply with city, county, state and federal mandates regarding shelter in place, social distancing and gatherings of large groups.
  • The Sequim Lavender Festival is scheduled for July 17-19.  Until we hear otherwise, we will continue to plan as if the festival will occur as scheduled.
  • If we are not allowed to hold the festival in July, we will work with the City of Sequim to postpone the event to a later date in this summer.
  • We will post information on our website and FB page as soon as we learn anything new.


  • Artist vendors that have been invited or are on the wait list will be notified directly through ZAPP communications.
  • Musicians that are booked for the event will be notified directly by our Entertainment Director.
  • Food Court Vendors that are booked for the event will be notified directly by our Food Court Director.
  • The current invited Artist Vendors have until May 15th to pay their booth fee.  That may be extended again depending on what’s going on then.  This may impact when our wait list vendors are notified of a potential spot.
  • If the event is cancelled, Artist Vendors who have paid their booth fee will receive a full refund.
  • Artist Vendor refunds if the event is postponed and the artist can’t make it – is under review.
  • Non-Profit Groups will be notified at the same time as the Artist Vendors by the Executive Director.


  • Staff, production and service organizations will be notified by the Executive Director as soon we know anything.


  • As soon as we have a solid date for the event, we’ll post the Volunteer Sign up web page.