asleepOOOPS…. looks like the web master sleeping on the job..

We meant to put out a couple of interim posts on the progress we made with artists applications over the past three weeks….. and then the deadline hit on 1/20!


Using the ZAPP online application process this year, we found that the exposure to new artists, ease of use and convenience for everyone was huge!  We had a couple of glitches; this is common for anything new and for those that are not super comfortable around technology.  But all in all, our transition to online artists applications was a huge success.   We want to thank all the artists that applied and especially those that ran into a little  technical trouble – thank you for being persistent!  And, we want to thank ZAPP for their great support and service.

We were delighted to receive over 150 applications from artists around the country.  The really exciting part is that almost half the 2017 applicants are new artists!   We have a lot of crowd favorites that want to return and a whole bunch of new ones to check out!  And, we’ll have some tough choices to make – we’re VERY FULL!


Our intrepid Lavender Board and Staff are now in the Jury Process.  This will last 2-3 weeks.  Artists that are going to be invited to join the festival this year will receive notice of acceptance in early March.  We appreciate your patience as we settle in to review all our applicants.

Artists Applications Closed… WE GOT HOW MANY???