The Street Fair is wheelchair accessible.   For our guests that need to park closer to the event, or have a little trouble getting around, please feel free to come into the park on Rhodefer (east entrance to the north end of the park).  We will have parking attendants at the gate who will direct you to a spot close to the booths and activity.  Here is a video that shows what it’s like to maneuver around the park in a wheelchair so you can make an informed decision about coming to the Sequim Lavender Festival®.  Video courtesy of Alan Halfhill • 


Bellevue Healthcare Peninsula has Wheelchair and Walker Rentals for visitors to the Sequim Lavender Festival.  Bellevue Healthcare Peninsula can provide short term rentals just for the weekend and festival attendees will have the option to have the item either delivered or they can pick up at our store on E Washington St.

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