2019 Street Fair Vendor Information Page

If you are an artist / vendor confirmed to participate in the 2019 Sequim Lavender Festival® –  THIS PAGE IS FOR YOU!!

Quick Links / Info

Copy of Vendor Agreement  (this is what you signed and agreed to when you applied through ZAPPlications.)

Fire code Documents: General Festival requirements Tent Requirements

Sequim Lavender Festival® Park Layout Map (CLICK HERE)

Street Fair Contacts


Introduction / Background

Welcome to the 23rd Sequim Lavender Festival® and the Lavender Capital of North America®, produced by the Sequim Lavender Growers Association™ 

During the 3 day Festival Weekend please consider yourself as a “Lavender Festival Ambassador” – informative, friendly and helpful.   Feel free to refer visitor questions to one of the 3 information booths on site where one of the staff or trained volunteers will be happy to assist them.

Everything YOU need to know as a vendor is on this page somewhere… and if it’s not here yet, it will be!  We’re adding to this page frequently, right up to the event date – so come back often and check out the new additions!

PLEASE NOTE:  We reserve the right to make last minute changes that may be required to accommodate festival participants/vendor needs. The Sequim Lavender Festival Committee works very hard to ensure a good flow of vendors and that no two type of vendors are right next to each other. No small task!  NO BOOTH CHANGES CAN BE MADE AT THIS POINT.

Please read the important information below very carefully – your awareness of and compliance with this information is critical to a smooth and successful festival for all of us!



**NEW THIS YEAR!!!   ATM at the Park!!

We made arrangements to have an ATM on site at the park for the weekend.  It will be located in the breezeway behind the Performance Stage.  There will be signs by the machine and at the info booth.  Please note that it will only be loaded with $20 bills – please bring lots of change!!


AGAIN THIS YEAR!!!   Fire Marshal Check Off

The Fire Marshal will be checking booths all day on Thursday.  Once you are finished setting up your booth, you will be reviewed by the Fire Marshal.  Sign off by the Fire Marshal MUST OCCUR BEFORE YOU LEAVE!  You will not be allowed to open for business on Friday morning unless you are cleared by the Fire Marshal and get a sticker on your booth number!  This will be strictly enforced, so please don’t ask for an exception – no really, don’t even ask. 

BOOTHS MUST BE FIRE-PROOF WITH TAGS  per Section 3104.2 & 3104.3 of the current edition of the  International Fire Code.  The tags can be NFPA 701 or CPAI-84 or California Fire Marshal, Title 19 certified for the festival. HANGING FABRICS must have written proof of fie retardant treatment.  This code will be strictly enforced; if you do not comply it may result in your removal from the festival without a refund. 

Cancellation Policy

Application / Jury Fees:  Non-refundable
Booth Fees: Cancellations are difficult and we are sure that no one intentionally plans to cancel after entering into an agreement for any art festival.  However, on our end, the closer we get to the event date the more time and planning we have invested and the more difficult it becomes for us to fill your booth space with quality artists or food vendors. In many cases the individuals who could have filled your booth space are no longer available with such late notice.  For that reason we request that you respect the following dates with regards to cancellation:
  • Prior to April 1 Booth Fee Deadline:
    $25 deduction from your booth fees
  • April 2 to April 30, 2017:
    $75.00 deduction from your booth fees
  • May 1 to May 31, 2017:
    $200.00 deduction from your booth fees
  • June 1, 2017 to Event Date:
    No cancellation refunds

Booth Numbers

Your booth number has been entered into ZAPPlications and communicated through email. We did our best to accommodate requests for corners, being close to the bathroom, no sun, lots of sun and being next to your friends.   PLEASE note there could be slight changes between now and Festival date. Booth numbers with a “-c” are corner booths where you can open 2 sides of your tent to the public.

Final Booth Numbers will be given to you when you check in on Thursday during Load-In.  You must display the number in a visible place on the front of the booth in the upper left corner – 2 clips will be provided in your load-in bag. THIS IS REQUIRED BY THE FIRE DEPARTMENT AND YOU MUST DISPLAY YOUR NUMBER ON THE FRONT OF YOUR BOOTH.  The booth numbers will be collected on Sunday so we can use them again next year.

Load In Groups / Schedule

Participant/Vendor Load-In will occur in shifts on Thursday, July 18th   based on booth number and “section”.  See the Sequim Lavender Festival® Park Layout Map(CLICK HERE).  We appreciate your adherence to this schedule – it will make the process run smoothly and efficiently.  We do understand that some of you will be there earlier or later than your designated time and we will do our best to accommodate the traffic flow for booth setup.  Please remember that you must unload and move your car quickly – then set up your tent and set out your product.

  • 9:00 – Section 100 Even Numbers
  • 10:30 – Section 100 Odd Numbers
  • 12:00 – Section 200 and Section 400 – all booths
  • 1:00 – Section 300 and 600 Even Numbers
  • 3:30 – Section 300 and 600 Odd numbers

Please enter the park at the very north end of Blake Avenue, into the Water Reuse parking lot.  Follow the driveway around to the 1st Info Booth where you will pick up your packet and be directed to your booth space.

Parking Permit

** One Parking Permit will be given to you at Load-In on Thursday ** Parking is on a first come, first served basis. Each Booth will receive ONE PARKING PERMIT for the nearby vendor parking area. If you are bringing a second car, please plan to park on the streets walking distance from the Festival Site.   

No Electricity

Electricity is not available unless you made special arrangements prior to June 1.

Juried Products

It is very important that you sell only the handmade items that were juried by the Sequim Lavender Festival Committee. Those attempting to sell imports or consignments will be asked to pull products and may not be asked to attend future events. We reserve the right to close booths that do not comply with this requirement.

Festival Schedule

The Festival will be open to the public from 9:00AM-7:00PM Friday/Saturday and 9:00AM-5:00PM on Sunday. We open the festival at 9:00AM because there are many early bird customers, even on Sunday. All Vendor vehicles must be out of the public area and parked each morning by 8:30AM.  Please, no packing up before 5:00PM on Sunday.


During the event, everyone should be aware of safety and security issues. Please report suspicious behavior, and take the initiative to call 911 on your cell phone immediately to report any emergency. The Festival provides each Street Fair Participant a booth number to attach to the front of your booth so emergency personnel can easily find your space.  We will contact you using the primary phone number provided in ZAPP.

First Aid

There will be a first aid booth managed by Clallam County Fire District #3 EMTs / Volunteers throughout the weekend on the south end of the event, behind the stage.

Overnight Procedures

Private Security has been hired to provide security at night. Each evening Vendors are required to secure ALL FOUR SIDES of their booth with flaps, sides, tarps, clips, etc. and do what’s necessary to protect stall goods. You can use “blue” tarps at night, but not during the hours of the event. The Festival is not responsible for your booth or contents.

Booth Weights

Booths are required and must have at least 30 lbs. of weight secured on each booth corner for safety/weather reasons.  In fact, we recommend 50 lbs on each booth corner.  Sequim can receive high winds in the summer, even when the weather is beautiful.  This is one of those times when more is better!  Also, absolutely no STAKES in the ground – you may puncture the underground irrigation system and get a bill from the City of Sequim!


Free hot coffee and pastries will be provided Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning next to the Band stage.  Coffee will be brought around by a local nonprofit group.

Dry Camping

If you paid for Dry Camping on ZAPP, separate instructions will be sent to you 1 week before the event.

Restocking Booths

Each morning, there will be a short period between 7:00AM-8:30AM when Vendors with Parking Permits can bring a vehicle onto event area to unload needed items. All vehicles must be off the event area and parked by 8:30AM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. PLEASE HAVE PARKING PERMIT SHOWING FOR ADMITTANCE TO EVENT AREA.

Sales Tax – EVERYONE must collect Sales Tax!

Retail Sales Tax rate in Sequim, WA is 8.8%. You are responsible for State of Washington Department of Revenue Registration. The tax code for the City of Sequim: 0503.  Please use this code when reporting your sales. If you have questions, or if Sales Tax Collection Schedules are needed, please go to the Department of Revenue web site at dor.wa.gov or call at 1-800-647-7706.  If you are from out of state, please read this: Nonresident_Letter from WA tax 2019.

Other Stuff

  • **New this year: There will be an ATM on site, behind the Stage.
  • There are no dogs allowed in booths.  Service dogs are allowed.
  • No smoking is allowed in or near booth. This event is a smoke free event. Participants who violate these rules may be closed and not permitted at the festival in future years.
  • Sales are to take place only inside the booth space. No selling items in space behind the booth and no ‘roaming’ the street with product or marketing material for sale or promotional.
  • Storage of stock must be within your booth. New this year:  Many booths will have a bit of space behind them for storage.
  • You MUST have a Seller’s permit and be prepared to show it if asked.
  • We are checking into getting WiFi available.